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Friendly Boston Mattress Disposal. Don’t just throw your old mattress on the street and pretend to ignore it, let our removal crew in Boston dispose of it for you. We understand an old mattress could become a difficult thing to get rid of in Title-Town.

Mattress Disposal Plus Areas of Service. Mattress Disposal Plus services over 160 cities nationwide including their surrounding areas within a 30 mile radius. Not all cities are listed on the map below. Enter your Zip Code to check coverage in your local area or browse the city listings below.

To schedule your free pick-up through our non-profit partner, visit utec-mattress.org/schedule. The City of Cambridge has partnered with UTEC, a nonprofit organization serving proven-risk young adults, to provide free weekly curbside mattress and box spring recycling services.

used mattress pick up Cambridge MA mattress firm old mattress removal Cambridge MA local mattress disposal Cambridge MA **Mattress Disposal Plus is a hauling company, not a recycling center. We do our best to find alternative disposal solutions, such as recycling and donation, in effort to avoid dumping in local landfills.All products manufactured by 2021 will be required to use the new nutrition facts label and many companies have already begun. 2019 Trips with the belmont travel club volunteers now pick up.

The City has a goal of reducing trash by 30% by 2020 and by 80% by 2050 (from 2008 levels). As of 2017, we have reduced trash by 23%. The City is developing a Zero Waste Master Plan to develop strategies to further reduce waste while maintaining high quality services, maximize efficiency, protect employee health and safety, reduce GHG emissions and reduce costs.

Mattress Pickup from your home or business Click here to schedule your Mattress Recycling Pick-up now ONLINE What do you do with your old mattress? Simple have it recycled! We offer curbside or in-house pickup for all types of mattresses, including waterbeds, foutons, or hide-a-beds at your home.

Other Organizations. If Household Goods does not accept your item(s) or you are out of our pick-up area, please consider donating to another organization such as those listed here.

Mattress and box springs are now recycled! To schedule your free pick-up through our non-profit partner, visit utec-mattress.org/schedule.

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