who accepts mattress donations near me Cambridge MA

They accept mattress donation drop-offs at multiple locations. You can also contact homeless shelters, churches, and domestic violence prevention centers in your local area to see if they accept mattress donations or visit the Donation Town online database to discover what charities near you are currently in need of mattresses.

mattress dump near me Cambridge MA In the United States alone, up to 20 million mattresses are thrown in landfills each year, and each one takes up a great deal of space. This puts extreme pressure on the local environment. Around 80% of materials in your average mattress can be recycled, so bringing it to a mattress recycling facility near you is imperative. Mattress Recycling.

Large pieces of furniture are difficult for us to sell. When selecting furniture items to donate, please be mindful of the items we do not accept which are marked in red on the form. Some examples of items we cannot accept include: ** Sleeper/sofa couches ** TV armoires/Entertainment Centers ** Bedframes, mattresses, futons, futon mattresses

You can start with a quick internet search for donation drop off near me and see if any nearby charities specifically accept mattresses. Many charities do not accept mattresses, so you will want to check by calling them directly first. You can also check with Donationtown.org; they even have many that can arrange for pickup of your mattress.

Many of them will even arrange to pick them up for you for free, and leave you with a donation receipt that you can claim on your taxes. So why wouldn’t you donate? Here is a list of organizations near you that will accept your used furniture.

DonationTown.org is your best bet to get your donations into the hands of a charity near you. It only takes a couple minutes. You’ll first be able to locate a charity near you willing to accept your donations, and you can then schedule a free pickup of the items you’d like to donate.

There is probably one near you who would be glad to help and individual or family in need of a clean mattress. There are charitable organizations In The St. Louis Area That will accept clean used mattresses and box springs. If you are looking to get a few dollars for your old used mattress and boxspring well here is your chance.

Find a Massachusetts Charity That Will Pick Up Your Clothing Donations & Other household items donations donate clothes and other household items in Massachusetts. Charities such as AMVETS , big brothers big Sisters , Family Thrift, My Brother’s Keeper, Vietnam Veterans of America , and more will pick up your donations for free and leave you.