where can i recycle furniture near me Cambridge MA

The labor involved in dismantling a mattress to recycle portions that are reusable are the reasons many recycling locations charge a fee. If you want to be responsible with the disposal of your used mattress and be sure it doesn’t simply end up at the local dump, you may be accepting of this nominal fee.

The city of Boston, Massachusetts considers mattresses, box springs and other types of furniture like sofas to be acceptable items for regular trash. You can put your old mattress, box spring, or couch in a trash container (barrel or bag) for disposal on your regular trash day.

Discover discounted used furniture and household goods while supporting scholarships at MIT. Bring your MIT. How to Donate. Cambridge, MA 02139.

Check out the Harvard Recycling and Surplus Center for excess goods, free to. (156 western Avenue for GPS purposes), Allston, MA (just east of Swissbakers).

Waste and Recycling Grants & Loans Financial and technical assistance available from the Executive Office of Energy & environmental affairs (eea), its agencies and offices, and other organizations. Learn More about Waste and Recycling Grants & Loans

who will pick up furniture from your house Cambridge MA Massachusetts Institite of Technology The FX MIT Furniture Exchange. 350 Brookline St. Building WW15-182 Cambridge, MA 02139 Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-4pm First Saturday of the month, 10am-1pm. The FX has been a project of the MIT Women’s League since 1958.homeless shelter furniture pick up Cambridge MA how to donate furniture in Cambridge MA where to give away used furniture Cambridge MA “This isn’t right away, of course,” David Fano tells. As far back as the early 1970s, academics at the University of Cambridge were using algorithms to calculate walking distance between rooms.See this list of 11 options (including pick up) and get substantial tax deductions.. To make this process easier, the Salvation Army has a Donation Valuation.

The Town of Brookline has started a new curbside recycling program for textiles, items and taking them to a nearby participating collection site for recycling.. 563 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139. Household items and Furniture.

We accept good quality furniture and electrical goods from the general public. Your contribution makes a difference to peoples lives, a difference to the community. and a positive dfference to our environment. You can make a difference

 · Hercules Building Wrecking 138 Wilder Street Brockton MA 2401 Phone: 508-588-3390; Cambridge . The Museum of Useful Things 49B Brattle St., Cambridge 617/576-3322 In the middle of Cambridge, swim locker baskets, measuring tape that’s actually tape, old diner napkin dispensers, and a science lab test-tube holder for pens and pencils.

Reliable junk removal, dumpster rental, trash hauling, and recycling in the. Avon, Boston, Braintree, Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge, Canton, Chestnut Hill, 1 Westinghouse Plaza, Building A, Mailbox 28, Boston, MA 02136. Furniture removal; television recycling; Yard waste removal.. Our Locations.

 · The recycling center near Inman Square is a big help for me. I bring food scraps over every week (left over food so it doesn’t go to waste) and throw it in the compost bin. Also, I take over lots of plastic bags and throw them into one of their plastic bag bins.

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