where can i get rid of computer monitors Cambridge MA

Computer accessories: The tower, printer, keyboard, computer laptops, and toner and ink cartridges can be placed with regular trash. But please consider dropping them off for Electronics Recycling any weekday at DPW, One Franey Road, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Northeast Computer Recycling offers FREE computer recycling for Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If you have any new/old, working/broken computer equipment, and you’re located in RI or MA, we will pick it up for free. Don’t just throw it out, recycle it! Our services are free to both commercial and residential customers.

Throw Out old used and broken computers and monitors, Throwaway office printers and copiers. Get rid of junk trash or e-waste PCs and IT equipment, Through away computer networks and cables. Where to Recycle servers, data storage sytems securly. Where to Dispose of unwanted electronics, office computers and monitors.

who recycles computer monitors Cambridge MA 1 Department of Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA. 2 Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action. This figure includes the cost of materials as well as a teacher’s and monitor’s time and.

New electronic or computer equipment, or used computers that have at least a Pentium II.. Cambridge, MA 02139.. Notes: Call or go online to fill out a donation form and they will remove and pick up all materials they can use. mac power pcs/pentium pcs or better, working color monitors without screen burn or other.

the Curbside Recycling page for items that can be left out for the curbside recycling. street, Cambridge, MA 02138; 617-871-6611, www.longleaflumber. com.. reasonably new computers and color monitors; they upgrade and redistribute.

TV Disposal & Recycling Service Trash Can Willys is a local veteran owned business that provides TV disposal, monitor, and computer pickup, removal, recycling, and disposal services. We serve all of New Hampshire and North East Massachusetts, providing low cost disposal and recycling services for tv’s, computer monitors, laptops, etc.

The list below presents commercial demanufacturers and charitable organizations that accept computer equipment, with a particular emphasis on computer monitors and televisions. There are more specialized facilities, such as repair and resale, which will likely be added at a later date. This list is constantly changing.

Follow the links below for reuse, recycling, and disposal options for a variety of items. You can also use this web-based tool for finding recycling services in your .