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As consumers, we can work on reducing our trash by purchasing food and items. items, reduce your waste, reuse items before discarding them, recycle materials and. Make your own cleaning products to cut down on plastic containers and harmful ingredients.. Zero Waste Resources for the Boston, MA Area .

Information about curbside recycling in Cambridge.. Empty and rinse containers . No liquids or food residue. But they may be diverted from your trash. Use the.

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Find out your trash day and learn the rules in your neighborhood.. You can turn a trash can into a recycling bin with a sticker from 311. The bin.

medical or biological waste may result in penalties of up to syringes. DO NOT dispose of sharps in garbage if your community has another. Needles, syringes and sharps containers may not be thrown in recycling. Cambridge, MA 02139.

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Request curbside collection materials from the public works department.. You must provide your own trash barrels, which cannot exceed 50 gallons or 50 pounds. Your request should be. Kitchen Bin. Small Green.

The official Twitter acount for the City of Cambridge Department of Public Works. This account. Recycle bins are blue , When you open your package , It can't.

Recycling containers are collected every other week on regular trash collection day. Neighborhoods have been assigned white or orange weeks to help clarify.

In light of the Massachusetts Food waste disposal ban and growing popularity of. Schools can compost on-site using outdoor compost bins such as the ones. Schools can contract for commercial collection just like they do for trash and recycling.. Cambridge Public Schools Cafeteria Separation System – An example of.

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The City provides weekly curbside pickup of household trash, To request recycling carts, compost supplies, flyers and other items visit CambridgeMA.. All curbside carts, barrels and bins can be placed out at the curb after.

The City of Cambridge holds four (4) household hazardous waste (hhw) Collection Days for Cambridge residents.

Waste remaining after you've reused, recycled or composted can go into trash barrels and plastic bags not exceeding 50 gallons or 50 pounds. Please use the .