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Donate furniture in good condition to thrift stores or nonprofits so that someone in need can use it. The City of Cambridge across the Charles River from Boston recommends donating to Boston nonprofit Aid to Incarcerated Mothers, Boston area Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay or your local Salvation Army.

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throw away mattress Cambridge MA. Bright. Contents Sanitary bedding laws stopped accepting mattresses. junk removal services Businesses discard approximately 600000 Affect public health used mattress disposal.

Make sure you're responsibly disposing of all your furniture, whether it's in advance of a. The City of Cambridge across the Charles River from Boston recommends. area big brothers big sisters of Massachusetts Bay or your local Salvation Army.. The City of Boston accepts most furniture, including mattresses , carpet,

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NOTE: Mattresses require a permit for disposal (but it's free), but must be scheduled separately. Visit to schedule.

To throw away a mattress, wrap it in plastic and set it by the road, or break it down and put it into trash bags. If you decide to put it on the road, get a mattress disposal or storage bag since many waste management companies require it to be wrapped up.

The City has a goal of reducing trash by 30% by 2020 and by 80% by 2050 (from 2008 levels). As of 2017, we have reduced trash by 23%. The City is developing a Zero waste master plan to develop strategies to further reduce waste while maintaining high quality services, maximize efficiency, protect employee health and safety, reduce GHG emissions.

who picks up mattresses for free near me Cambridge MA My Brother’s Keeper accepts donations of basic residential furniture in very good condition. In keeping with our mission, high-quality items are important because they allow us to serve families with dignity and respect.what charities pick up mattresses Cambridge MA Terry McDonald, executive director of Eugene’s St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, was in Cambridge. to be recycled. "Mattresses are difficult to recycle and are a problem in landfills,".

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UTEC currently provides mattress recycling services for the following cities and towns: Acton, With clients in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we will help determine the best. Michael Orr, Recycling Director, City of Cambridge.