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Recycling must be set out by 7AM on your collection day, or after 6PM the night before. Please report it at CambridgeMA.Gov/311 (preferred) or leave a voicemail at 617-349-4800. Leave materials at the curb and pickup will be done by the end of the next collection day.

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What Can I Put in a Dumpster? Household junk and debris from construction or home improvement projects are typically allowed in a dumpster. This includes remodeling debris such as drywall, lumber, flooring, cabinetry and siding, as well as general household items from decluttering projects.

Frequently Asked Questions about Safe Disposal of Refrigerated Household Appliances.. Recycling: Almost all of the materials in your refrigerator or freezer can be recycled. This includes the metal cabinet, plastic liner, glass shelves, the refrigerant and oil in the compressor, and the.

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As convenient as a mini fridge may be during its lifetime, it can be a burden on the environment after it stops working. A mini fridge, like its big brothers and sisters, contains hazardous materials that make placing it in the trash unacceptable. The U.S. Environmental protection agency regulates the disposal of all.

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Take it to Milton recycling centre or thriplow recycling centre; Check whether it can be taken away by the company delivering a replacement product – particularly in the case of oversize American-style fridge-freezers, which we can’t collect; Contact us to arrange a collection.

How does one properly dispose of a mini fridge? You can try selling it, of course. Or give it away – somebody’s always looking for a cheap/free second fridge. This is probably the best route if it’s a possibility for you. If you do have to just to.