how do you dispose of furniture Cambridge MA

Some appliances, large or bulky items require a permit for disposal. Residents must purchase permits from Public Works in advance to.

The disposal of an appliance or piece of furniture requires a White Goods sticker. white goods stickers can be purchased for $15 cash, at the Receiver Window in the Collectors Office, Room 13 in City Hall before 2pm. Appliances with stickers are collected on Wednesdays, while household items (furniture) are collected on designated trash days. 11.

A nine-foot-long rug is rolled up on the brick sidewalk outside of an apartment building in Cambridge. Drop-off recycling of textiles is still the industry standard and currently the dominant.

Let PC Disposal manage your computer recycling needs in Cambridge, MA. We recycle computers and properly dispose of all e waste using EPA compliant methods. Our computer recycling center can recycle old computers using methods that are safe for the environment.

The city of Boston, Massachusetts considers mattresses, box springs and other types of furniture like sofas to be acceptable items for regular trash. You can put your old mattress, box spring, or couch in a trash container (barrel or bag) for disposal on your regular trash day.

Select your city to find out how you can dispose of your old mattress, throw away your box spring, or appropriately remove other types of furniture. Additionally, you can find out how much you may have to pay for the service (if at all), and whether your state requires specific precautions before you do any furniture disposal.

The City of Cambridge has partnered with UTEC, a nonprofit organization serving proven-risk young adults, to provide free weekly curbside mattress and box spring recycling services. approximately 100 tons of mattresses are trashed in Cambridge each year, taking up a massive amount of space in landfills compared to other waste.

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What is Reuse? Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, is a slogan that has been around for years, but the "re-use" part is often overlooked. Reuse is different from recycling because materials and products are used "as is" without needing to be processed or re-manufactured. By seeking out opportunities for others to reuse your materials you will reduce the volume and.

who picks up couches Cambridge MA DONATE YOUR USED FURNITURE: SCHEDULE A FREE PICKUP TODAY! We can accept just about any small furniture that is small and light enough for a single person to carry. We are only able to pick up small furniture items through our pickup service. Your used furniture makes a big difference in the lives of America’s Veterans and their families.