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Many towns and cities still have compost bins they received through a MassDEP grant program that ended in 2008, and sell them to residents at a discount. See the List of Massachusetts Compost Bin Distribution Programs in Additional Resources below. The bins most commonly available are: Earth Machine.

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Recycling must be set out by 7AM on your collection day, or after 6PM the night before. Please report it at CambridgeMA.Gov/311 (preferred) or leave a voicemail at 617-349-4800. Leave materials at the curb and pickup will be done by the end of the next collection day.

Information about waste collection services in the City of Cambridge, provided by the Region of Waterloo, including garbage and recycling pickup schedules.

If we recycle right, we can reduce waste by 40 percent in Boston. Learn more about recycling in Boston below.. boston, ma 02201.. You can turn a trash can into a recycling bin with a sticker from 311. The bin should be smaller than 32 gallons and needs a sticker.

Zero Waste Cambridge.. All curbside carts, barrels and bins can be placed out at the curb after 6PM the night before collection or by 7AM on collection day. Trash in plastic bags may only be placed out at the curb on the morning of collection day, not the night before.. Cambridge, MA 02139.

Cambridge City Council. If you run a local business, talk to the Greater cambridge shared waste commercial service about your recycling and waste needs. They can help you reduce the amount of waste you produce and save money by recycling more.

Welcome to the Beyond the bin recycling directory for Massachusetts! Do you have worn clothing, outdated electronics or other items that don’t belong in your household recycling bin? Don’t throw them away. Find out where to recycle, reuse, or repurpose them in Massachusetts by entering the material(s) you want to recycle in the search box above.

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