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The City of Cambridge has partnered with UTEC, a nonprofit organization serving proven-risk young adults, to provide free weekly curbside mattress and box spring recycling services. Approximately 100 tons of mattresses are trashed in Cambridge each year, taking up a massive amount of space in landfills compared to other waste.

Friendly boston mattress disposal. Don’t just throw your old mattress on the street and pretend to ignore it, let our removal crew in Boston dispose of it for you. We understand an old mattress could become a difficult thing to get rid of in Title-Town.

where to throw away mattress near me Cambridge MA Mattress and box spring Microwave ovens (But please consider dropping them off for Electronics Recycling any weekday at DPW, One Franey Road, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) Pools: Children’s rubber pools may be placed with regular trash; adult, aboveground rubber pools must be cut down to pieces no longer than 3 feet in length and tied with string or twine.

Approximately 100 tons of mattresses are trashed in Cambridge each year. UTEC will pick up, deconstruct, and recycle mattress components.

NOTE: Mattresses require a permit for disposal (but it's free), but must be scheduled separately. Visit to schedule.

The City of Cambridge holds four (4) Household Hazardous waste (hhw) collection Days for Cambridge residents.

where can i get rid of my mattress Cambridge MA Lowell Wish accepts many other items including blankets, sheets, mattresses. t get rid of them. So I cut them up and made napkins. Now, when I wipe my mouth, I smile. public clothing drop boxes.

Are you looking for Mattress Disposal in Cambridge, Massachusetts? We remove , dispose and haul your used mattresses! Book online or call 877-708-8329.

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Once your mattresses or bed has been collected, we will recycle all products so you can be 100% certain that you are doing your bit for the environment. We leave nothing to waste; springs, wood carcases, and filling material are all recycled, and most of these parts go back into the furniture industry. Why Recycling Matters | What Not To Do

Find out below whether Cambridge allows your mattress or furniture to be disposed of along with your regular trash on normal pickup days, whether you have to.

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The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection selected UTEC as a qualified. UTEC currently provides mattress recycling services for the following cities and towns: Acton, Cambridge (weekly curbside pick-up begin 4/1/19),

We also have information on recycling, composting, and more.. Starting on July 1, the City will begin residential trash and recycling collection.

bed frame removal cambridge ma. bright. Contents. Usa. 3 mit;. where can i get rid of used mattresses Cambridge MA old mattress removal Cambridge MA who picks up old mattresses Cambridge. they also can’t simply be thrown in the garbage. If you handle it on your own, most of the options for mattress disposal will require a lot of time.